iOLAIR Nigeria is group of seasoned aviation executives and professional practitioners of diverse pedigree with an average industry experience of over 30 years.

Short History

In our very short history, we have earned a reputation for competence, reliability and professionalism with carriers, airport authorities, governments, investors, and aviation-related businesses and organizations. Our track record isn’t just a success breeds success story, it’s the result of tackling our clients’ challenges as if they were our own. Because we know aviation. It’s what we do.

Industry Reputation

iOLAIR Nigeria has been a leader in the aviation consulting sector with primary consultants that have a combined industry experience of over 100 years. We have continued to set standards for innovations and thought leadership in Nigerian and regional aviation development.  With a focus on delivering solutions that meet the needs of our clients' financial, operational, and environmental goals and objectives, we have built a long-standing reputation as trusted advisors to airport sponsors and other aviation sector clients

Our Ideals

When iOLAIR Nigeria adopted “strategy” as its specialty, it ignited a process that would revolutionize aviation business management forever. From the beginning, our passion for ideas has been the mark of distinction. At iOLAIR Nigeria, ideas create value. The experience curve and the growth share matrix, with our insights into competitive advantage, set the stage for future aviation and allied business developments and initiatives. 

Over the years, a constant flow of ideas and analyses, emerging from discussions with colleagues and collaborations with clients, have contributed to our unparalleled record of strategic breakthroughs and thought leadership


ioLAIR Nigeria envisioned that it might someday change the world. Through collaboration with clients, orchestration of strategy, and recognition of distinctive organizational dynamics, our consultants have guided industry leaders toward recognizing and responding to their changing world, helping them to capitalize on emerging opportunities, and seizing the competitive advantage. 

With true insight and the ability to transform it into action, we have driven real change in organizations and have not only transformed the way the world does aviation business but also fundamentally changed the game.

The Right Questions

The conventional view is that some aviation customers are fickle and inconsistent, hard to understand and predict, and therefore unmanageable. We think they are perfectly consistent, perfectly understandable, and quite predictable. The secret is to ask the right questions.