Due to the low profit margin of the airline industry, financial planning and controlling are of particular importance to your airline. The accuracy of business and fleet planning and the level of financial controlling will sometimes make or break an airline. Your airline benefits from transparent and consistent financial data which give you an accurate basis for planning and better control over costs. We analyze the risks for your airline and define fuel and currency hedging options to help you manage the risks effectively. We also offer you comprehensive M&A support and due diligence services to evaluate your assets. Your airline benefits from the knowledge base and industry experience we have acquired over the years.


Transaction Support, Financial Planning, Financial Controlling, Risk Management


We help you to improve your airline business and develop a competitive set-up. Your company faces the many challenges prevalent in the airline industry and we work with you to develop sustainable strategies ready for implementation. Our methods are well proven and we have helped airlines around the world to restructure their organization or even turnaround from a crisis. Your airline benefits from our special focus on efficient processes and effective, modern airline structures.
We have built several airlines from scratch, providing comprehensive services in all fields from the initial feasibility study to the first take-off. We also offer governments support in starting-up or privatizing airlines.