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Business Aviation

IOLAIR NIGERIA International helps business aviation clients understand the marketplace, develop smart business strategies for resource allocation and expansion, and make the most efficient, cost-effective use of their assets.
As the largest aviation consulting firm in the world with a dedicated business aviation practice, IOLAIR NIGERIA International develops customized, objective solutions for every facet of the sector. Our services help:
▪    Private equity investors conduct due diligence on business aviation investments
▪    Aircraft manufacturers sell and support products in emerging markets
▪    Airports attract business aviation traffic and revenue
▪    Operators map strategies for asset selection and business growth
▪    Fixed base operators (FBOs); training organizations; and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) providers enhance and expand their services
▪    Corporations and high net-worth individuals purchase, refurbish, and remarket aircraft
IOLAIR NIGERIA equips clients with the tools needed to navigate the business aviation landscape and reach sound strategic decisions. These include:
▪    Feasibility studies and business plans
▪    Market forecasts
▪    Customer satisfaction and aftermarket support strategies
▪    Strategies for entering emerging markets
Our business aviation teams include experienced aviation professionals and former employees of manufacturers, operators, service providers, and financial institutions. They are backed by the many aviation practices of IOLAIR NIGERIA, including those dedicated to valuation, safety, and decision support:

  •  Baba’s G550
  • Taraba ERJ 145 & 407
  • RA B737 400
  • ARM LR 45
  • TLI 737 200/300C